Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17th 2015
Om  3 times
Bhagvan Ganesha Prayer ( Vakratunda Mahakaya), Devi Prayer (Saraswatim Namastubhyam),   Gururbrahma Gururvishnu
Daily Prayers : We recited all prayers
Bhajan : We chanted Ram Bhajan ( Prem Mudit manase Kaho). We learned new bhajan Veer Hanumana, ati balavan Ramnam Basia re. This was enjoyed in the classroom and there was a repeated request to chant it at faster pace!
Lesson : N for nobility . We learned what is nobility, noble people and their noble actions that made them distinct from others.
Story : We learned story of a noble cow.
As class started late we could not do our yoga or Sanskrit lessons.

Homework and summer time : Today was the last class. Please chant all bhajans  and daily prayers everyday. Review purple book of alphabet safari.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 3rd K blog

May 3rd 2015
Om 3 x
Shanti path
Prayers : Vakratunda. Saraswati Namastubhyam, Gururbrahma
Daily Prayers:  Karagre Vasate, Brahmapanam, Shumbham Karoti, Karacharan Krutva
Bhajans : Ganapati, Devi, Guru , shiv , Ram Bhajan
Lesson:  M for mother : We discussed Mom's love and services. We labeled other mother symbols that are worshipable.
Activity : We created a bouquet of flowers for mother's day. Learned different ways flowers can be designed using different material.
Home work : Coloring page M for mother

As class was short we did not get time for story, yog exercises or learning sanskrit.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19th
3X Om
Prayers : Vakrtunda Mahakaya, Saraswati  Namastubhyam, Gururbrahma
Bhajans: Shree Ganaraya,Amba Parameshwari, Sharade Visharde, Dhimiki Dhimiki, Prem Mudit manase
Chanting : Bhagvat Geeta 15th chapter 12 verses
Lesson : K for Kindness. We learned  what is kindness and how we express it using mouth ,hands, legs.
Activity: Drawing happy and sad faces next to sentences with act of kindness and unkindness
Story : Devadatta and Siddharth  and Androclese and Lion
Yog Poses : Tree, windmill, lion, candle, butterfly, mouse
Sanskrit Colors and body parts continued
Coloring : K for kindness worksheet

Home work : 30 pieces ( daily picking of 6 acts of kindness performed and putting them on puzzle pieces of Heart . Do it  for 5 days and finally assemble heart from puzzle pieces.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 22 2015
Om 3x
Shanti Path : Om Sahanavavatu
Prayer: Vakratunda, Saraswati Namastubhyam, Gurubrahma
Daily Prayers:  All learned in the past.
Bhajans : Shree Ganaraya, Amba Parameshwari, Sharade Visharade, Jaya Durga Laxmi, Dhimiaki  Dhimiki Dhim, Prem Mudit Manase Kaho ( pg 202-203 My prayers book
Chanting : First 4 verses of Geeta Chapter 15
Lesson : H for Happiness, through discussion we learned that our happiness does not depend on whether on external objects ,food, toys etc. Happiness is state of mind.
Activities :
 1) Riding Chinmaya Train and visiting various fun stations with a condition to be always happy no matter what we get at the stations. This was fun!
2) Yoga poses, Sanskrit colors, body parts, seasons.
3 Mediation and quiet time.

Home work:  Worksheet Happiness.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 8th 2015 K blog
Om 3x
Invocation of Peace:  Prayer Om Sahanavavatu
Prayers: Vakratunda Mahakaya, Saraswati Nmastubhyam,Gururbrahma
Daily Prayers: Chanted all.
Bhajans : Chanted Bhagavan Ganesha, 3devi bhajans, Bhagvan Shiva bhajan, 2 verses of Bhagvan Ramchandraji's bhajan ( Prem Mudit Manase kaho)
Geeta chanting : chapter 15 th first two verses.
Lesson : Reviewed chain of  friendship homework given last week.  Worked on  classroom worksheet for friendship. Discussed Who is God, Where is God, What does God do? Why we pray him.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 1,2015
Om 3x
Prayer: Vakratunda Mahakaya, Saraswati Namastubhyam, Gururbrahma
Daily Prayers: All ( My Prayer book)
Chanting : Chapter 15 Bhagvat Geeta, 1 verse
Bhajans  : We chanted previously learned Bhajans and Learned new bhajan for Ram Navami,Prem Mudit manase kaho pg 202 no6 in Shree Ram's Bhajans My Prayer book
Lesson: F for friend ship, We learned 10 ways to make friends, maintain friends, 10 ways that endangers friendship
Story : Bhagvan Krishna and Sudama
Activity: Making paper chain of friends.
Yoga poses,mediatation
Home work : Memorize new Bhajan , Bhagvat Geeta ch.15 first verse, write on the arms of friend ship paper chains ways to make friends.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feb 22,2015
Om 3times
Invocation of peace : Om Sahanavavatu
Prayers :( Vakratunda Mahakaya, Saraswati Namastubhyam, Gurubrhama)
Bhajans: Jaya Ganaraya, Jay Durga Laxmi Saraswati, Amba Parameshwari, Sharade Visharde, Manas Bhaj re Guru charanam, Dhimiki Dhimiki
Daily prayers : Karagre, Brahmapanam, Karacharan kritam,shubham karoti
Lesson : Review of E for Enthusiasm We learned when we feel enthusiastic, what is enthusiasm, how we cultivate. We learned  loving what we do and working hard as important features of being enthusiastic . It is important to be fully wound up like wind- up toy to hit our target.
Story : Make a difference: A story of a boy who was enthusiastic to throw one fish at a time but was very convicted that he is saving lives of fish who were out of water and making difference in the life of  at least those, he was able save.
Story of Mahashivratri.

Activity: Yoga, Sanskrit colors, seasons, body parts
We had a combined class with K,1st and second graders.